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L.C.P Professionnel Paris Essentials Tonic Lotion with Cotton Extract 200ml

Refresh, tone, and soothe your skin with the L.C.P Professionnel Paris Essentials Tonic Lotion. Infused with cotton extract, this 200ml tonic is a gentle yet effective solution for completing your cleansing routine. Ideal for all skin types, it helps to remove any lingering impurities while balancing the skin's pH levels. The cotton extract is known for its softening and calming properties, making this tonic a perfect choice for those with sensitive or irritated skin. Its lightweight formula provides a refreshing sensation, leaving the skin feeling clean, hydrated, and revitalized. Incorporate this tonic lotion into your daily skincare regime for a healthy, glowing complexion that feels as soft as cotton. Experience the luxury of L.C.P Professionnel Paris and treat your skin to the nurturing care it deserves. Discover the transformative effects of this tonic lotion and enjoy a soothed, balanced complexion. Begin your journey to radiant skin by adding this essential product to your beauty collection today.
$39.00 200ml

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