About Me

About Jacqueline Coccaro

Jacqueline has been a licensed esthetician since 1992. She is praised among her diverse customers for a peaceful and comfortable spa experience, she uses her professionalism and knowledge to evaluate and elevate your skin health management.
With more than 20 years of experience, Jacqueline has operated an upscale ...

Best Spa in Miami

Jacqueline Coccaro
I am a skin care specialist since 1992 offering the finest European cosmetics and beauty treatments. I also provide cosmeceuticals and European skincare products. Menu of Body and Anti-Aging treatments. I will leave you feeling revitalized and renewed. Contact me on the form below or pop in at ...

My Process Is Straightforward

In order to design your treatment to your specific needs, on arrival I will ask you to complete a lifestyle questionnaire. This enables me to understand any specific areas of concern that you may have, such as particularly tight muscles or aches and pains to work on during a massage. It also allows me to organize ...

Everyone Deserves Some Pampering.

Celebrating a special occasion, such as a birthday or anniversary, couldn’t be better with one of my spa packages. Specify from half-day, full-day, or overnight options, all of which provide access to my spa facilities, one or more treatments, and more. I have a range of packages available, just give me a call to ...

Skin Care Specialist Since 1992

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. I offer a wide variety of first-quality cosmeceuticals and European skincare products.
En espanol
La belleza viene en todas las formas y tamaños. Ofrezco una amplia variedad de cosmecéuticos y productos europeos para el cuidado de la piel de primera calidad.

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