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Beauty Treatments
Deep Facials

There is so much pollution and oils in the air nowadays that it's easy for your pores to become clogged, leaving your skin looking dull and dry or spot-ridden. Our deep cleansing facial aims to treat breakouts, dehydration and other environmental blemishes that have affected your skin´s natural glow. Our therapists penetrate and cleanse your skin of toxins, extract whiteheads and blackheads leaving you with radiant, healthy-looking skin.
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Hay tanta contaminación y aceites en el aire hoy en día que es fácil que los poros se obstruyan, dejando la piel opaca, seca o llena de manchas. Nuestro facial de limpieza profunda tiene como objetivo tratar los brotes, la deshidratación y otras imperfecciones ambientales que han afectado el brillo natural de tu piel. Nuestros terapeutas penetran y limpian su piel de toxinas, extraen puntos blancos y puntos negros dejándolo con una piel radiante y de aspecto saludable.


Includes the usage of diamonds & crystals.

Dermapen Treatment

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Wrinkles Treatment
Acne Treatment

Acne is a buildup of oils in the skin and usually an acne facial treatment involves a deep pore and tissue cleansing process to banish the oil and any bacteria causing inflammation. This service calms and deeply cleans the skin, preventing further breakouts.

Micro needling
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